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Unknown Difficulty VB Code Page 6 of 114

Add a file to recent documents menu using SHAddToRecentDocs API
Add a file to the Windows Recent Document List/ Clear existing list
Add a Google Search bar to your Visual Basic Web Browser!
Add a gradient fram around a form.
Add a graffiti effect to a form.
Add a horizontal gradient to a form.
Add a horizontal scroll bar to a list box
add a horizontal scroll bar to a listbox or combo
Add a ImageControl Named as 'Img' and ShapeControl Named as 'ShapeImg'(On Image Control), This
add a list of filenames to combo box with one line of code !!
Add a load= line to win.ini and copy the file that is currently running to the Windows System dir
Add a pair of crosshairs that folows your mouse round the screen
Add a rectangular gradient to a form.
Add a Save and Load function to your application
Add a size grid to VB form
Add a spin gradient to a form.
Add all fonts to ListBox (THIS ONE ACTUALY WORKS!!)
Add an affect to a text box. You can also use this code in a splash form.
Add an icon to the system tray, and recognize when the icon is clicked or hoovered over
Add basic AUTORUN capability to your A: drive (Put autorun filename as first line of AUTORUN.INF)
Add bitmap images to a menu item
Add bitmaps to your menu!
Add bitmaps to your menu!
Add bitmaps to your menu! (this one works) from: www.gangstersoft.com
Add Controls (i.e. TextBox) on the form dynamically during runtime
Add Graph,Groups,Total in Crystal Report at RunTime
Add Horizontal & Vertical Scroll bars to a control having HWnd property
add icons to menus
Add Images to Menu Items (Along with the Text)
Add menu items at runtime :)
Add nodes to a TreeView at run time.
Add Record to database
Add Serial Number Registration to Your Program
Add splitter bar to your forms
Add text from a TextBox to a ListBox.
Add this Code To Hide\Show TaskBar
Add to internet explorer Favorite 2 Line Code
Add Your App to the Systray the Easy Way
Add your program to the registry to startup when windows starts
Add32Font, Add16Font,AddNTFont
Adding a Custom PhotoShop-Style ProgressBar into StatusBar
Adding all Windows Fonts to a combo box in four lines of code.
Adding AutoComplete to a VB Text Box
Adding Controls to Tabs (Very Easy 5 Lines Code only)
Adding Employees to a database(ms Access) though ODBC SQL staments are used. Some components like j
Adding Hours from a schedule. ie.) if you worked from 9:06am to 4:30pm you would use this function
Adding Hyperlink Using the Label Control
Adding Hyperlink Using the Label Control *** incredibly simplified *** less than half the code as o
Adding new shapes in slides using Serialization.
Adding Picture Box Control at Run time
Adding zeros either in the left or right of the number depends on how many zeros you want to add. (
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