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Complete Applications Page 1 of 54

1 Add/Load file to/from access DB
3D Mathematical Plot
4 function Calculator with 8 level memory
8 Ball Type Fortune Teller
A .DLL and .EXE file's Hidden Icon viewer and snapshot taker
A .DLL and .EXE file's Hidden Icon viewer and snapshot taker (little bug fixed)
a [CNM1 CodeXP's Network Messenger
A [WYSIWYG Print and Print Preview for RTF
a 3d maze game
A 3D rotation program
A 500 forms example......for instance
A 60-kB multimedia Viewer
A 8085 Simulator
A Album ScreenSaver by Anil Choudary N
A Animated CPU & RAM usage system tray graph, real time
A Artificially Intelligent Pattern Recognizer OCR
A Bank Reconciliation
A Beginners CodeBox
A Better Hex Editor
A Better VBC Search Addin
A big work:Alphasoft Page Creator 3 Revolt(Beta 1.2)
A CD-Player
A Chatter (chat application)
A Client FTP
A CODE LIBRARY by Solomon Manalo
A Color Code in Richtextbox
A Color Notepad
A Complete downloadserver
A complete Information and Student Evaluation System
A complete Internet Spoof Server
A Complete Inventory and Account Receivable System (UPDATED)
A Complete Network Utility Program Ping,Broadcast Messaging,Port Scanner
A Complete Subnet Scanner
A Complete Web Server with GET, POST, Cookie Support, and PHP
A completed auto dialer
A completly 3d CAD program, updated again
a computerized test create/taker
a Contact management Maliling
A cool access login demonstration without using command button (just textbox) Updated
A cool chat program
A Cool Lottery Game
A cool Random Number Generator
A coomon Calculator
A Customizable CD/DVD/Etc Collection Database Program v1.5
A Cyber Cafe Billing System Server & Client Full Source Code
A Dancing Flame tester Short Code but Cool
A different Window Shape Designer (Corrected Version)
A DirectX Midi Player
A Drawer : All about the paint program codes
A Extended Copy Paste function
A File Shredder History Eraser Privacy cleaner with Auto Kill
A Folder & Files Backup, Full, Incremental and Differential