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Unknown Difficulty VB Code Page 114 of 114

Write some text in a textbox and see it written in a Word window
Write Text on a Picture.
Write to Registry with No API
Write to text file(and log file) and add lines to it. To over-write lines use Output insted of Appe
Write To Windows Event Log ...
Write txt file
Writes a string to a file without saving the quotes.
Writes a text file to c: and saves two lines of text, then loads them back up. You can add as many
writes the first line of a text file to the list box in form
Writing a string data into WIN.INI using WriteProfileString API
writing on the desktop
Writing Text inside the Picture Box Control
Written to access a dbf file and generate a flat ASCII text file, calculate employee hours and even
XOR encription/decription of a string OR file
Xor Encryption/Decryption and Password Distribution Fuction
Y2K Test for VB5 and 6
Yahoo 5.0 bas
Yahoo Caption Changer ! Elementary Programming
Yahoo Messenger Status Check One Line Code
Yahtzee Deluxe
Yet Another CenterForm Routine
Yet Another Random Password Generator
You are supposed to have a big image and you want to retrieve a particular part of the image and wa
You can access the folder/files from the CDROM through code.This program access the CDROM drive fro
you can changed the mouse button configuration
You can connect to a remote computer(remote pc must be running the server application) then u can e
You can fetch second higest value from the database
You can get easily the X and Y coordinates of any portion of the Image with Width and Height using
You can have a super laser show on your monitor, Have a nice show.
you can load as many forms dynamics with the name in string
You can open a website by easy way . You just have to do is to enter the name of the website
You can read the registry, Set the registry, and even delete files in registry in 1 very simple ste
you can show and hide the mouse pointer
You can shutdown your windows any time you want.
'You Can Type A Text Without Using The Shift Button To Capital The Beggining Of Every Letter. This
You can type anything on form caption.
You Can Use It As A Word Proccessor.
You can use the WinWait function to wait until a window with a specific name has appeared, or use t
You can use this module to add one string to another at set intervals or at a specified position wi
You can use this module to change regular text into funky-looking symbols.
You can write this code in the class module (ActiveX dll). If your application maintains users and
You Know, There are Two Way for Reverse String and that are
You may create controls in run time using this short code
Your application in the control panel!!!!!! just a few lines of code...
'Your system support sound card
ZIPCodeWorld.com provides this function to calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates from Ve
ZIPCodeWorld.com provides this routine to calculate the distance between two points (given the lati
Zoom function in frames, Transition effects in SSTab
Zoom in on a picture box.
ZOOMS MS WORD screen via [ctrl]+[+] and [ctrl]+[-]keys. Mimics Acrobat reader action. after creatin