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Math/Dates Page 1 of 14

A ' Curve of 3D Dynamic plotting Grid '
A 1 Line Seconds To Minutes
A 3D Sphere
a An Analog Clock which is VERY SIMPLE
A Basic Maths Function, works out sums + - / * and uses brackets. New
A Beginners Digital Clock
A Bit Mega Byte Bytes Gigas Terras Converter to ...
A button game.Can be used as an excellent prank. New
A Calculator
A calculator code snippet, which has so many scientific functions. (Like Sin, Sec, ArcSin, Tan, Csc New
A combination of functions to solve math equations. New
A Complete Expression Analyzer to evaluate all types of expressions and plot their function graphic New
A cool Totally skinned Calculator
a DateCalc Date/Time Calculator
A Eval function evaluates math expressions
A Fast Hex 2 Decimal Conversion
A Function Plotter & Parser
a function to return the largest number of ten numbers read. New
a Generate your own Random Numbers
A Genetic Algorithm with a Twist
A Genuinely Fast Prime Checker
A little bit more than mathematics and VB...also a good demonstration of MS Script Control
A much more probabilistically accurate random number generation function for the domain of 1..N. Th New
A new approach to the MAX and MIN functions
A Non-Repeating Random Number Generator
a Odd Magic Square
A randomize function that allows you to specify the high and low number. New
A Simple Calculator (School Project)
A simple code that converts Radians to Degrees and Degrees to Radians. New
A simple way to demonstrate how to use functions and simple math in VBA. New
A Sine/Cosine Curve Plotter
A Standart Calculator
A StopWatch
A Super Easy Delay Timer
A Universal Decimal/Binary/Hex Converter v2.0
A Very Amazing Calculator [The MagiCalc v1.0... MSUT SEE
A+ code: convert numbers to and from decimal, hexadecimal and octal
A1 Sec2Min
Abacus__Simple 11 rows New
ACos / ASin.... New
Add or Take Away New
Add Two Vectors
Adding Hours from a schedule. ie.) if you worked from 9:06am to 4:30pm you would use this function New
Adding Machine
Advanced Base Converter
Advanced Calculator with new features New
Advanced power calculator
Advanced Task Bar Timer
Age Calculator New
AgeCalc and SunSigns
alaram clock
Algorithm that calculates the Factorial of Numbers (N!) up to 170 New