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Advanced VB Code Page 1 of 79

1 Add/Load file to/from access DB
3D maze & frustum
49 Text files full of functions and all named
A ' Curve of 3D Dynamic plotting Grid '
A [ NChat Alpha Update AWARD WINNING CODESee screenshot
a [BCNS Binary Crew Network Server (BC Net Server)
a [CNM1 CodeXP's Network Messenger
A [WYSIWYG Print and Print Preview for RTF
A +(Lunar Lander)+ A
A +(Rotation Tanks, MadGamer)+ A
A 0 0 Volunteers
a 1 play Viedo more than one screen at the same time
A 24/7 Programmer Chat
A 2D Orbital Simulator
A 3D cube/oblong without any API calls
A 3d demo v1.2
a 3D Digital Reality Engine V1.00
a 3d ego-shooter with excellent graphics (TOP 10 in the All Time Hall of Fame)
A 3D Engine v7, Fly Around Demo
A 3D fractal Terrain / Landscape Generator
A 3D Generator
A 3D Landscape-Game Engine, similar to Delta Force
A 3D Lesson v4, Advanced
A 3D Pie Chart Control
A 3D Pie Drives Information
a 3d pong game
a 3d racing game with commercial quality graphics
a 3d rpg (in the making)
A 3D Shooter Game (Half-Life Style)
A 3D Stereogram Generator (Beta Release 1)
A 3dStudio File (.3ds) Reader No dx all vb source
A 3-in-1: Studying's XP/NT's Core, Fastest Compression Ever, and Debug.Print in Compiled Programs
A 5 axis milling machine simulator
A 6 axis and 4 axis Scara Robot Simulator
A 6 Encoding Techniques
A 8 Lines Only Code :Brainvita game
A 8085 Simulator
A Bank Reconciliation
A basic ADO Open and Requery routine
A Basic-like Programming/Scripting Lanuage and compiler
A beautiful Master Mind Card Game with open/save game.(UPDATRED)
A Better Multiple Undo
A Better VBC Search Addin
A better way to code Keyboard info
A big work:Alphasoft Page Creator 3 Revolt(Beta 1.2)
A Binary Printing with only 10 lines of code
A chaotic ScreenSaver using DirectX 7
A Chess game in progress
A Class for accessing dBase or FoxPro dbf file without ADO
A COM or COM Plus [d2 Com Plus Aggregate VBIDE snap in example
A Complete Database Program TNC Edition
A Complete Guide to Web Based Email Systems
A complete Information and Student Evaluation System
A complete Internet Spoof Server
A Complete IRC Socket Parser Engine v.1.0