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: Disconnect from a dial-up networking connection without any API call. New
__WINSOCK__ Transfer's A Connection request to an open socket. This means you can have 5 sockets co New
1 Minute Web Browser
2 Different Ways of finding your ip address using winsock New
3 HTML Formatting Functions
A .. Digital clock in HTML
A [ NChat Alpha Update AWARD WINNING CODESee screenshot
a 2 computer instant messenger
A 24/7 Programmer Chat
A 6 Search Engine Parsing Tool
a a JD Programming JDP Pop-UP a a
A amazing html Editor
A basic chat script its really easy to use and if you have any problems on making your own chat the New
A Basic Multi User Chat Program
A Basic Multi-User Chat Program 2
A Battle.net Bot, Vapor Bot (UPDATE)
A better Atomic Time Synch
A Better IP Chat
a Better way of testing if connected to the NET
A Browser with trimmings
A Buddy Logger for MSN Messenger 5.x and 6.x
A chat porgram: BFChat-client/server
A chat system v 1.1 (UPDATED)
A Complete Guide to Web Based Email Systems
A Complete Multi Downloader (using multithreads)
A complete Perl, + PHP, SSI and ASP webserver (be your own geocities)
A Complete Web Browser
a cool internet guest book wizard and generator
A Dog Bone FTP
A DOM-Compliant and fast HTML/XML-Parser written from scratch.
A DynDNS Manager 2.7
A Explorer (like windows internet explorer)
A Fast File Sender
A Firefox + Internet Explorer Web Browser Monitor
A Formatted Font List Creator
A FTP Client
A Fully Documented Winsock Port Scanner
A Great Internet Whiteboard
A Great Winsock Tutorial Part 2 Creating a Mutliuser Chat Program FULLY COMMENTED
a kewl Port Scanner
A list of advanced features using the webbrowser control. New
A Live Update Program to update .EXE's (or other) files off of the web.
A msn messenger SERVER, supports mutliuser chat, blocking, screen names, away states, file transf...
a Multi Connection Winsock Server 1.1
A Multi User Chat Example by Jon Cromer
A must have Send HTML headers.
a Navigate And Wait a Web Browser Control
A new kind of browser (Using mozilla, NOT IE)
A Port Scanner..
A port sniffer
A Portscanner
a PURE VB HTTP Client Sniffer
A quick sample showing how to send an email with Visual Basic New