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3D Car Racing Game
3D maze & frustum
3D spaceimproved
3D Taken game - vb6 open code cool 3D game, like Tekken ( popular gamr ) download it from here : New
A +(Lunar Lander)+ A
A +(Rotation Tanks, MadGamer)+ A
A 0 chess like game Knight's Tour
A 000 Logical Game BrainVita
A 2D Asteroids Game
a 2d car racing game
A 2D Collision Detection Tutorial For Beginners (with demos)
A 2D game Froggies, a game of leap frog.
A 2D PinBall Demo
A 2D Rotation Lesson Fly a UFO
A 360 Rotating Sample
a 3D 2 player game
A 3D Demo
a 3d ego-shooter with excellent graphics (TOP 10 in the All Time Hall of Fame)
a 3D hedge maze game
A 3D Level Editor
a 3d pong game
a 3d racing game with commercial quality graphics
a 3d rpg (in the making)
A 3D Space Simulation
A 3d starfield with rotation
A 4 player Capture the flag
A Arcade Shootout Game
A Awesome Snakes Game
A Awsome StarField
A ball & catch game.
A basic number gussing game // It does not include a inputbox like most programs of number guess // New
A beautiful Master Mind Card Game with open/save game.(UPDATRED)
A Beer For The Boys
A bingo game like no other better than any other on VBC, and alot of other games too.
A Brief Introduction To Artificial Intelligence For Games
A Card Shuffling Simulation New
A Card Trick
A card trick game (very tricky)
A Card trick thingy
A Chess game in progress
A classic one (and sequel)
A collision avoidance system for games using DotProduct.
A Complete screen saver + Scrolling Fading credits
A Completly Original 2-player Tic-Tac Toe Game
A Connect 4 Game
A Connect 4 game with AI
A Controllable Tank (It Shoots)
A Conway's Game of LIFE
A Cool Advanced Starfield
A Cool and Complete DirectX Game (part 1)
A Cool and Complete DirectX Game (part 2)
A cool card shuffling routine 'without using condition statements'
A Cool Fighting Game Example Version 1.00
A Cool Game/Calculator