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A 3D Landscape-Game Engine, similar to Delta Force
A 3d Menu using DirectX 8
A 3D Object Sample In DirectX8
A 3D Park
A 3D Retar Engine with SDK
A 3D Shooter Game (Half-Life Style)
a 3d space with 3d objects
a 3D Spinning worlds w/text
a 3d street with lighting effects corrected
A 3D Texturing/Animation Example
A 3D Texturing/Animation/Effects Example Best one of VBC
A 3D-Game & Engine
A actual RPG in Progress, Space Quest
A Boom2D DirectX8 Engine + Cool sample
A chaotic ScreenSaver using DirectX 7
A cool 3D Room
A Cool DirectX Game
A Cool DirectX Gaming Example
A DirectX 8 Tutorial
A DirectX Car Game
A DirectX Program Dock
A DirectX starfield
A DirectX7 Multiple sound module
A DirectX8 Simple Game Menu
A DX7 MultiPlayer Tic Tac Toe
A Full 3D game (Single Player Counter-Strike Clone)
a full directX animation with one picture
A good collision system
A Graphical Vurtual Keyboard Using DirectX
A Quest to a 3D Engine Programming Lesson 4: Transformations
A Quest to a 3D Engine Programming Lesson 6: Adding First Person Shooter Camera
A Shaded 3D Cube w/o DirectX
A Simple Sine Wave Generator (DirectSound)
A Step by Step Quest to 3D Engine Programming Lesson 1: initialization
A Three Part Direct3D Tutorial
A virtual synth :: RDX AUDIO VECTOR
A1 DTA 3D engine code
aaa quake3 clone
About the MSWEB DVD Sample player
Actor MD2 sample with dynamic shadows
Alphablending AND Animated Gifs in DirectX
Alpha-Blending in 3d (DX 8)
aMAZEing 3D
aMAZEing 3D shading
An Introduction To DirectX
An Introduction To DirectX 8 And More
Animated Gifs in DirectX
Audio Broadcasting
Back-face removal/culling in world space using the dot product (3D programming)
BackGround & Text in DirectX8
Basic Direct3D Terrain Engine
Basic DirectX (D3D and DI) Engine
Basic DirectX8 graphics
Beginers Tutorial For DirectX 8.x