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350 (Comments Included) lines of Code that Form a Single Dynamic (Add new Records,Delete Selected R New
ASP sample of Registry Access component New
Call this sub to populate a table, using the passed ADO Recordset and other parameters. New
Checking for no data posted. If there's data posted in the variable called NAME, it's displayed o New
Code to cast your vote(by using application object) Poll your vote and enjoy... New
Code to display column name,size,date created,datatype,defined size for any database using Adox New
Convert ADO Rs into an HTML New
Create a file using ASP with the FileSystemObject New
Defines the click event for the label control, creates a popup message box New
Delete file using FileSystemObject New
Demonstrates recordset paging. New
Describes On How Activex Controls can be Used Along With ASP New
Detecting Browser Type New
Display a Server-side Directory New
DSN less connection New
DSN-less database connection with simple database example. New
Ecard from text file New
Find the record in data base by name New
formating Date for Web New
Get All fields and values from a database by entering the name of table. Written in ASP. New
Getting Schema Information From Any *.MDB , MSSQL or Other DataBase And Building a Dynamic Table. ' New
Good example for creating an object with Session scope so You can use it on all Application pages New
Good Example for read all File Names from any directory and linking it on one page Using Content Li New
Here are functions that provide you the possibility to encode/decode strings with Base64. New
How to call a stored procedure from active server pages New
How to change information in a database using Active Server Pages (ASP). This method creates a reco New
If You do not want to use global.asa in previos example use this code New
Implement TreeView With ASP New
In example below don't forget to rename _ScriptLabrary directory to Script and this example sho New
List all the server variables - VBScript New
Lists all file within the current directory. New
Loop through Submitted items that were POSTed from a form New
MyInfo Component Sample New
Opens a file called testfile.txt and reads the first line. New
Populate a combo box with information from a database New
Populates a drop down menu from the contents of a table in a database New
Populates a table with records returned from a database New
Previous Code continued... Displaying Details of value send thru' select Box New
providing the paging concept programmatically in Active server pages New
Read table information from *.mdb file (add any *.mdb to root directory) or SQL Server DB (Change New
Retrieve Server Variables New
Runs a Keyword Search in ASP New
Save ADO recorset to XML file and open the XML file with VBscript New
Selects a Value from comboBox which is populated from database, then shows details of the value in New
Send email from within Active Server Pages on an NT server. New
Setup a DSN-Less database in Active Server Pages. New
Simple Chat Application In ASP New
Split Search. This Program is search the text in all text and html files of Windows directory and d New
Takes data from a field in a database record, for example the field named Size, the data contained New
This asp page contains a function which uses Regular Expression patterns to find html strings. The New
This Code formats a Date in the form of ddmmyy! New
This code provides text encryption and decryption. As well as pseudo-random password generation. My New
this example allows the user to access the ASP objects from a .DLL file and access the .DLL from th New
This has probably been done a million times but this is another variant of how to create dropdowns New
This is a compilation of functions I use when working on ASP projects. There are functions to build New