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' the following sub is designed to clean up strings by removing leading- ' spaces and capitalizing
' This is very simple code that disable the X button from the form and removes the form from ALT +
' To get the key code of keys
- Wandelt eine beliebige Zeichenkette in einen Integer-Wert um - Changes an any String into a Integ
(NEW! Version 1.1 - Fixed an IP validation bug) CMagicPacket - Remotely wake-up any Wake-on-lan c
(Updated Again) Check for duplicates in an array
(very) simple encryption/decryption whose key is based on milliseconds.
* This Code is to Convert Only the First Character Being Entered in the TextBox Control to an Upper
*** Activate Auto Selection by this simple code for TextBox Objects ***
*Moves an object when you press a key, one line of code.
*THE WHOLE KEYBOARD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS* This enabels your program to interpret what key is being pr
.INI read/write routines
.NET Framework - Check if Windows booted in Normal or Safe Mode
: Disconnect from a dial-up networking connection without any API call.
[-CYPHER-] A very powerful Encrypt / Decrypt BAS file , Can handle from 1 to 31 different algorythm
[-CYPHER-] A very powerful Encrypt / Decrypt BAS file , Can handle from 1 to 31 different algorythm
[Windows XP Styles; In Visual Basic!]
__WINSOCK__ Transfer's A Connection request to an open socket. This means you can have 5 sockets co
¡An OleDbParameter with ParameterName '@ID' is not contained by this OleDbParameterCollection.¡
Move a File on the hard disk to another location with 1 line of code!
=EARTHQUAKE= Vibrates the form on the formload
1 Minute Web Browser
1. Convert the small case Text Box value to UPPER CASE. 2. Places the cursor after the text value a
1. First procedure, for Allowing Only Numeric (0-9) and in between only one Period . This is usef
100% real graphics, pure code, no shapes / images. Make 3D lines, fractal styles, tubes, spirals. M
16 and 32 bit functions to create
1-vb connect to ORACLE db 2-the name of the DSN is IWHS u can creat your own one!
2 Different Ways of finding your ip address using winsock
2 line coding for Messaging between systems.
3 Easy Combo Tasks
3 HTML Formatting Functions
3 simple ways to close the current form you are working in
32-bit Floating Toolbar (NT & 95)
350 (Comments Included) lines of Code that Form a Single Dynamic (Add new Records,Delete Selected R
3d effects for any object.
3D Mathematical Plot
3D Taken game - vb6 open code cool 3D game, like Tekken ( popular gamr ) download it from here :
3D Tunnel from effect with color selection
3D-Stars in a Form
4 different types of sorts (Bubble,Comb,Selection,Exchange)
4 function Calculator with 8 level memory
500 Sprites
8 Ball Type Fortune Teller
95/NT username
A (slightly gratuitous) routine that will allow the user to split a supplied directory path into it
a 1 line code to keep a form on top within your ap
a 10 line encryption/decryption program
A 2 line code to center forms without api
A 3D cube with rotation and zoom in/out
A 3D Demo
A 3D rotation program
A 3D Sphere
A 500 forms example......for instance