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Recently added

HTML Decoder (Unicode) Code Snippet HTML Decoder (Unicode) by htmlcoder - Sat 1st January 2022
HTML Decode. The reverse of the htmlencode. Now with unicode and emoji support

Light Brite Download Light Brite by Billvbcode - Thu 5th August 2021
Draw Pictures using colored squares

Unix Time Code Snippet Unix Time by alexK - Sun 21st February 2021
Display time as Unix time. Which shows the number of seconds since 01/01/1970.

A Update your program with LiveUpdate A Download A Update your program with LiveUpdate A by Bull3t (Philip Hughes) - Sat 20th February 2021
This program lets your search for a text file on the internet and compare versio...

WiFi and LAN-Name, Signal Strength, etc Code Snippet WiFi and LAN-Name, Signal Strength, etc by TigerM - Fri 12th February 2021
A LOT of researched info on WiFi, signal strength, which adapter is connected t...

Get Available Drive Space Code Snippet Get Available Drive Space by Telefon - Fri 12th February 2021
As a developer, from time to time you are called upon to build or process large...

Make your own Drag & Drop Code Snippet Make your own Drag & Drop by ICE - Fri 12th February 2021
In this I am going to walk you through making your own VB6 Drag-&-Drop Progr...

MDB ADO DateValue Code Snippet MDB ADO DateValue by Quake - Fri 12th February 2021
Getting the DateValue DateDiff between 2 dates. Useful for setting up a History...

MSDXM Controls/Chapters Code Snippet MSDXM Controls/Chapters by Quake - Fri 12th February 2021
MSDXM MediaPlayer (IMediaplayer) Controls. This is to demonstrate how to use th...

Drive Info Code Snippet Drive Info by Quake - Fri 12th February 2021
Grab Drive Information