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Custom Controls/Forms/Menus Page 1 of 46

' This is very simple code that disable the X button from the form and removes the form from ALT + New
' To get the key code of keys New
*** Activate Auto Selection by this simple code for TextBox Objects *** New
=EARTHQUAKE= Vibrates the form on the formload New
1. Convert the small case Text Box value to UPPER CASE. 2. Places the cursor after the text value a New
3 Modules to deal with Clipping, Systray, and Icons in Menus
3 simple ways to close the current form you are working in New
3D Label Control
3D Label Control (UPDATE)
3D Tunnel from effect with color selection New
3D-Stars in a Form
A (better) Menu
a 1 line code to keep a form on top within your ap
A 2 line code to center forms without api
A 3D cube with rotation and zoom in/out
A 3D Generator
A 3D Pie Chart Control
A Better Image Combo: ISCombo
A Clear Screen function to clear all your textboxes and comboboxes and checkboxes. Generic code t New
A code that mimics docking windows like vb
A Combo Box with A Command Button
A ComboBox Procedure to save its contents.
A Command Button with gradient filter (ActiveX Control) UPDATED
A cool custom (form) msgbox using API to get icon
A Cool Textbox
A cool way to unload a form /end a program New
a Credit Card Number validation
A Cross Hair move with your mouse New
A Custom Message Box
A Designer Topbar
A Fast RichTextBox Syntax Colouring by: SOLOSoftware
A Few Function's For You To Play With And Enhance.
A FireWork Cool Graphic /easy code to understand
A Flashing Form
A form comes in a resizable manner like animation New
A function to easily Center any object on a form, bothe vertically and horizontally. New
a function to fill your forms with pictures (like a HTML background image) Put this code in a modul New
A function to make flat buttons in pure VB.
A function to sort a listview by a column of any type (date, time, number, text); it alternates sor New
A funny little thing to do. Many cool colours New
A Good ListView Control Example
A Gradiant Form and Picture
A Graphic Class
A graphical form
A Graphical replacement for the Generic / Limited / Basic VB ScrollBar
A hand held serial scanner can be used to scan into field. New
A Hundred Buttons
A layered window (Pre-Alpha version)
A Mac OSX Control
A Magnification Glass
A MAJOR REBUILD of my DropIn Input/MsgBox Replacement
A Masked Textbox Control
A mdi non activating reduceable toolbar (like photoshop or dreamweaver no ocx + subclass child
A Mosaic Maker
A Move a form without a title bar