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a a :-> Getting windows Folders in all versions and all languages
A Easy Login
A Easy Login Update
A Edit Registry
A Great Registry Tutorial
A L@@K : Disabling CTRL + ALT + DELETE on Windows XP, NT and 2000 (using the registry)
A nice class wrapper around the INIFile functions New
A Registry Access Wrapper (all needed functions easy to use)
A simple registry hacking program
A slick new way to Register your DLLs with ease
A very easy to make Registering Program Check it out
A very simple way to add info to the registry and call it back into your application when needed an New
A++ Registry Editor
Access to Windows registry the right way
Adams 30 Day Registration Trial System
Add Items to the right Click Context Menu in Windows
Add your program to the registry to startup when windows starts New
Advanced Registry Functions
AI Chat Chat with your computer using MS Agent
allows you to create registry keys, values, strings, dwords, get strings and dword values, and dele New
An Amazingly Simple Way to Read/Write Registry Entries
Arrow on ink file remover
Associate a file extension with your icon and your program. New
Associate file type and icon with your app
AUltimate Registry Class
Auto Register
Auto Start with Windows (fixed)
Best way to run programs at Startup
BHO Registry Tracer Tool
Change Internet Explorer Start page with only 2 lines of code
Change Reg Settings
Change the menushowdelay by changing registry keys
changing security permissions of the registry folders New
Child Lock 2005
Cleaner for recent tab (VB6.0 only)
Comprehensive registry access code. Everything from associating file types, putting an app in start New
Connects the program to the Registry and is used within the program. thus flexible to input company New
console application full screen
Context Menu (Un)Register OCX and DLL
Copy DLL/OCX to System32 Folder and Register it
Copy the contents to a Class module and you've got a standard common dialog class, without using th New
Country Dialing Codes
cReadWriteEasyReg (Updated Again)
Create a file association for your application (Works in Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME)
Create file association New
Create File association in 10 lines of code (VerySimple) New
Create File Association with Icon
Create or Delete an autorun for your program in the registry with one line of code for each (using New
Create Reg files with ease
Create/Check Access' DSN in ODBC