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(NEW! Version 1.1 - Fixed an IP validation bug) CMagicPacket - Remotely wake-up any Wake-on-lan c New
*THE WHOLE KEYBOARD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS* This enabels your program to interpret what key is being pr New
1. First procedure, for Allowing Only Numeric (0-9) and in between only one Period . This is usef New
2 line coding for Messaging between systems. New
3d effects for any object.
500 Sprites
A (Flex)Grid printing class, version 2
A 0 Calculator
A 24hr Alarm Clock
A 30 Day Trial Example
a 3D animation with flash(vector)
A 3D Border Effects Example
A 3d demo v1.2
A 3D Rolling Bowling Ball (Enhanced)
A 5 axis milling machine simulator
A 6 axis and 4 axis Scara Robot Simulator
A 6 Encoding Techniques
A 8 Lines Only Code :Brainvita game
A Basic-like Programming/Scripting Lanuage and compiler
A Better List Save Function
A Better Listbox Example...
A Better Multiple Undo
A Better SpellChecker
A better way to code Keyboard info
A Better Way To Run A File..
A better way to use exception handling to view what errors are possible in Visual Basic, each error New
A Better, Faster, Remove Duplicates Function (Kill Dupes, Remove Dupes, Kill Duplicates)
A Blocker Against SoftIce, Win32Dasm and Other Disassembly Progs
A Class to Print Recordset [Updated
A clean way to add control arrays at runtime
A clearer description of an earlier post on creating a data set that you insert into Excel to make New
A Client/Server example/tutorial
A Clock
A Clock (rsa's clock)
A collection of string manipulation functions New
A Complete IRC Socket Parser Engine v.1.0
A Comprehensive Spell Checker
A Comprehensive Spell Checker Revisited 4 (Update 12 Aug 2012)
A Converter for Binary, ASCII, Hex and Decimal
A Cool Form Close Effect
A Cool Form Scroller
A Cool Graphics
A Cool Msn Messenger Bot
A cool program that launches files, goes to websites, and sends e-mails with one click! New
a Cool Screen Greetz!! New
A cool toolbar to launch files, websites, and send e-mails. It docks to the top and bottom of the s New
A Credit Card Validator NEW
A Custom Animated TrayIcon
a Disable/Enable The Close (x) Button On A Form
A Drap and Drop Tutorial
A Dream
A DVD PLAYER by Sehab Veljacic
A Dynamic Control Array at RUN-TIME
A easy Scroll with 1 line of code