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Data Structures Page 1 of 2

A Binary Search
A generic stable indexed data sorting class
A Must Have .bas File For VB Programming
A ShellSort with a twist Revised and even faster (7 March 2009)
A=ArchiveMaker AND Extractor=-
Access Data Types and Arrays in a Class
Accurate Pathfinding
Ad Hoc Data Structures
Adam's HTML Tree Class
Address Class v1.0.1
Advanced User Defined Types
API Viewer Parsing Engine
Array Basics (FIXED 18-Apr-08)
Array-handling/sorting v3
Arrays and Binary File Access
Arrays and Binary File Access Version 2
As$ociative Arrays in VB
Balanced Binary AVL Trees Using Dynamic RAM Allocation
Binary Clock (First of its kind in VB)
Binary File Maker
Binary tree Using Linked Lists
BinWorks II
Bl@ck$corpion (EXE compiler)
Build a Stateless Class
Building Professional DNA Components
bytes to KB, MB or GB
C4 Mp3 Compiler
Calculator Program
cContactName Class v1.0.1
Check if dynamic array dimensioned already
CheckBox in MSFlexGrid
Collection Item Keys
convert access database to cooma or tab delimited text file
Create your own custom parameters list
Create your own data types A basic User Defined Type tutorial
Custom Data Control
Dancing Links
DAO Database Example
Data Environment Example
Data types in Visual Basic
Datafile Class
dbase III module
Deflate Compression Class New
Detect Data Type New
Dictionary Class
Dijkstra PathFinding in Arbitrary Graphs and Raster Images (Update #1)
DLL Tutorial MyFirstDLL
DM CSS reader New
Dynamic Multidimensional Arrays
Dynamically allocate arrays when you don't know how many items to store
Enhanced Collection
Excel Class write to an XLS file without DLL's or Excel automation