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Coding Standards Page 1 of 13

49 Text files full of functions and all named
a 3D Command
A 3-Way Form Position Module
A basic music player.
A Basic VBCode in MS SQL Server The basic
A Beginner's INI Tutorial
A Binary Printing with only 10 lines of code
A Char Viewer
A Circle Progressbar
A deeper understanding of Bit-Set Operations in Visual Basic
A Faster AddItem
A Good List Box
A Guide To Common Dialog Boxes Including Fonts
A Guide to Common Mistakes and Corrections in Visual Basic (Part 1)
A Image/Media Viewer
A List Search Example by PioUpdated
A ListView With Headers Example
A more efficient way of saving small bits of data
A Must See Next Gen Shell XP Check It Out
A Patch in VB
A PowerFull Open Port Scanner
A real custom MessageBox
A really easy to use internet opener
a really great way to detrmine if the mouse is inside or out side a specfic object
A scrolling text box
a simple 3D box
A Simple ActiveX Registrar
A Simple Technique Behind Progress Bar
A System Tray Demo
a tabbed form (the fast N cheesy way)
A tip for beginners:How to save time with variables.
A Tip to save Time
A VB Collection
A very handy tip
A very useful method for removing items from listboxes in for loops
a word pad style(zdcode)
Accept only numbers in a text box control with one line of code UPDATED MUST SEE
Accessing Memory by 32-bit Addresing in Windows using Visual Basic
Accurate MouseOver function
Add Bytes 2 To .Exe file
Add Command Line(s) to your App
Add Error Handling
Add Icon To Systray With Graphical Popup Menu
Add Pictures to RichTextBox (In Chat Procedure)
Add Start Menu Uninstall Icon to your VB Projects
Adding a Horizontal ScrollBar to a ListBox
Advanced Auto Complete List Combo and List Boxs
Aim Bot (Easy)
AJAX with VB
alarm & clock in systray...
All about Function and Sub
All the Basics of Printing in VB
Almost all the Different MsgBox Constants and howto use them
AlphaBlend2 vs. Fading out without API-s