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Windows API Call/Explanation Page 1 of 21

32-bit Floating Toolbar (NT & 95)
A 28 Windows Information APIs Tutorial
A 34 Graphical Related API Tutorial
A 3-in-1: Studying's XP/NT's Core, Fastest Compression Ever, and Debug.Print in Compiled Programs
A Better API Error Lookup
A BETTER way to avoid Free Net Access Banners
A bit of API
A chart with windows API
A Complete Keystroke Logger Extensively Updated
A complete ping code using API Code and ICMP very easy
A Couple of Winmm API Calls
A Graphical Virtual Keyboard
A Great and Easy Mouse Position Recorder
A great new trick to prevent flicker on any control on the form Must see
A Handle Tree Creator
A Higher Quality StretchBlt
A Key Logger
A list of Api calls
A little Color Spy program that displays the color/values of the pixel under the mouse. New
A mouse module, FINALLY Move,click, +more
A REAL media player NO ocxs or dlls. Just API
A simple code to catch any keypress and store it in a file named file.txt It runs in the backgrou New
A Simple Directory Search Module
A Supreme Window API tutorial
A Supreme Window API Tutorial Part 2
A Taskbar Hide/Show Program
A way to call VB Exports from C/ASM
A Window Handle Grabber (a.k.a. API Spy) Updated
A. read properties of a control
A++ Over 25 API Examples
A1 GetAll Drives Function
ABeginners API
Absolute Wave Player
Absolute Windows Shut Down
Absolutely Fastest, Smallest Code to Shutdown a Windows NT/2000/XP Computer
Activate App with Hooking
Activate ScreenSaver
Active Desktop Friendly Wallpaper Changer. Works with JPG/GIF, and HTML files without BMP conversion
Add a file to recent documents menu using SHAddToRecentDocs API New
add a list of filenames to combo box with one line of code !! New
Add and Remove your program to the Add/Remove Programs and Run at Startup lists (SMALL CLASS FILE)
Add Horizontal & Vertical Scroll bars to a control having HWnd property New
Add Horizontal Scrollbar to Listbox
Adding an icon to the system tray
Adding AutoComplete to a VB Text Box New
Adding multiline balloon tooltips to ListView column headers (updated)
Admin Runas
Advance PDF Class Without Acrobat Reader
Advanced Console Techniques
Advanced EnumWindows
Advanced Windows NT Eventlogger
All About Beep API [Article