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Unknown Difficulty VB Code Page 5 of 114

A very simple encoding format. This simply replaces each ascii character with 255 minus the ascii c
A very simple Encrypt and Unencrypt
A very simple html editor. Web-browser displays the results of your html code as you type in textbo
A very simple mouse chaser.
A very simple port scan
A very simple way of playing AVI files. All you need is an animation control, and a command button.
A very simple way to add info to the registry and call it back into your application when needed an
A very simple way to display the user's current I.P. address using the Winsock control.
A very simple way to require numbers only in a text box.
a very small picture viewer in one minute.
A way of keeping track of the activemovie position! verry useful for vb mp3 players
A Way to Change The Resolution
A way to resize a form with buttons.
A Way to take a screenshot
A Winamp Module like no other
A wonderful rotating 3D Cube at run time. Rotating according to your mouse movment..enjoy and e-mai
A.S.P. Database Access (ADO) with Paging
About the Compressing Files thru VB(w/WinZip)
Absolute randomization. We use the mouse position and the last keypress to generate an absolutely r
Accept disregard non-numeric values in a text using 5 lines of codes.
Accept Upper Character only.
Accept Upper Character only. With 2 lines of code! Works Great!
Accepting Numeric Values.
Accepts a number and checks if it is prime or not.
Accepts a string for a folder path and checks to see if it already exists, if not it creates it usi
Accepts only numbers with two decimal places. detects if keypress is not a numeric value and automa
Accepts only Numeric Characters
Accept's Valid Dates & Years Between 1900 & Current System Year. If Better Code Is Made From It Ple
access 97 password recovery
Access 97 Password's viewer
Access CDDB with VB5
Access data show in grid with sql
Access Internet For Free On VB
Access ODBC DB using SQL and a Data Control
Access Password Finder (97 and 2000)
Access Stuff From Other Forms
Access Table Tracking
Access tables with ADO
Access Windows? shutdown dialog box from your VB Application.
ACCESSING CONTROL PANEL ITEMS (with one line of code,no api calls)
Accessing the built-in properties like page numbers, lines, paragraphs, words, and characters in a
Accessing the System Environment
Accessing using main form connection.
Accomplishes backspace in a simple code! Just paste the code in a click event of a command button.
Acess Data Show in Treeview & Listview
ACos / ASin....
Active Self-Extract
activex control accept only capital letters
Add 1000 numbers in less than 0.07 seconds to a ComboBox/ListBox and show transmission time in a La
Add a circular color gradient to your form.
Add a color gradient to a form without any API calls. Also allows you to specify the beginning and
Add a diagonal gradient to a form.