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Intermediate VB Code Page 1 of 140

3 Modules to deal with Clipping, Systray, and Icons in Menus
3D Car Racing Game
3D Label Control
3D Label Control (UPDATE)
3D spaceimproved
A (Flex)Grid printing class, version 2
A .. Digital clock in HTML
A .DLL and .EXE file's Hidden Icon viewer and snapshot taker
A .DLL and .EXE file's Hidden Icon viewer and snapshot taker (little bug fixed)
a .Mp3 Player
A 0 Calculator
A 0 chess like game Knight's Tour
A 0 Cool Address Book
A 0 E Minder A Reminder Alerter
A 0 E Minder A Reminder Alerter Updated with Full HTML help
A 0 PhoneBook
A 0 Phonebook (non-source safe)
A 00 PhoneBook Fixed The Runtime Bug
A 000 Logical Game BrainVita
A 1 Zoom, Scrollable PictureBox English
a 14 Handy modules about different subjects
A 200 segment slithering snake
A 28 Windows Information APIs Tutorial
A 2D Advanced Graph Plotter
A 2D Asteroids Game
a 2d car racing game
A 2D PinBall Demo
A 34 Graphical Related API Tutorial
a 3D Command
A 3D Cube
A 3D engine primer/landscape/lighting effects
A 3D Gouraud Shading w/o Blur Motion. Pure VBUPDATED
a 3D hedge maze game
A 3D Label
A 3D Lesson v3.1, Moderate
A 3D Level Editor
a 3D Logo Creater
a 3d maze game
A 3d Menu using DirectX 8
A 3D Motion Screen Saver AMAZING ... No DirectX [Updated
A 3D Object Sample In DirectX8
A 3D Retar Engine with SDK
A 3D Rotating DNA Strand
A 3D Shoot-em-up using heat seeking missles.
a 3D Spinning worlds w/text
A 3D Studio v6.0 beta
A 3D Texturing/Animation Example
A 3D Texturing/Animation/Effects Example Best one of VBC
A 3D Virtual Reality
A 3D-Game & Engine
A 3DvbBlurMotion [Updated. 5 times faster
A 3-Way Form Position Module
A 6 Search Engine Parsing Tool
A 60-kB multimedia Viewer