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Unknown Difficulty VB Code Page 4 of 114

A simple but good looking mouse follower. (Try toying around with it)
A simple but powerfull tool to access various details about users in Oracle 8.0
A simple code that converts Radians to Degrees and Degrees to Radians.
A simple code that highlights the label when the mouse is pointing it!
A simple code to catch any keypress and store it in a file named file.txt It runs in the backgrou
A Simple Code To Convert Your Data From ListView Control To Microsoft Excel File....
a simple code to retrive the files of a directory by just supplying its directory name and it also
A simple code to shut and close CD Door. Click Command1 door opens. Click Command2 Door shuts. Comm
A Simple Code to Swap the Left and Right Mouse Buttons
A simple credits scrolling example using BitBlt
A simple demonstration of saving/loading files with get and put commands. This program let you
A simple directX engine. Allows the loading and painting of images much easier that normal usage of
A Simple Encryption and Decryption function
A simple flight reservation plan
A simple function to get everything between two delimiters. The result is return in an array
A simple loading bar
A Simple Number Game
A simple program to change display resolution
A simple routine to remove all non-alphanumeric charaters from a string (Quickly!).
A simple Substitution function. Works on HEX data. (This _Applies_ it to the HEX data, You also nee
A simple Substitution function. Works on HEX data. (This generates the SBox)
A Simple text Encryption and Decryption used for creating Password.
A simple textbox is used in currency format and mask. for example 1234567.000 is shown as 1,234,567
A simple timer that starts and stops incrementing seconds by use of a command button.
A simple way to create a directory
A simple way to demonstrate how to use functions and simple math in VBA.
A simple way to validate data entered by a user
A simple web browser, with capabilities such as source code finder, loading web sites, etc.
A single line code to create your color palette.
A Single Line Code to Rename a File or Folder
A small bit of code to make your form stay on top
A snippet of code that can extract the contents of a text box that has been set to multiline, line
A speedy way to find how many rows are in a large table.
A spell-checking code completely written in VB6! You need to create a .txt file that will act as di
A stock market indicator and predictor proven to be 87% accurate in predicting market indeces six t
A StopWatch
A Super Easy Delay Timer
a Superb Laser show with complete entertainment! enjoy guys!
A ten-line function that returns the index of a selected OptionButton in a collection. i.e : s = fn
A Tic Tac Game
A Timer Control System Which Gives You How many times you have used your computer today (Its very U
A timer that triggers on minutes instead of seconds
A to-days date in a textbox.
A Transparent 3D Sphere & Texture Sphere
A useless peice of code that edits time.
A variation of the Code submitted by me earlier. This one produces patterns randomly.
A VB Script Code that wishes the visitor with Good Morning...! ,Good Night...! ,etc... accordin
A VB6 to VB5 Converter
A VERY concise and powerful Email Validator: only 5 lines of code. uses regular expressions (very P
A very cool 3d text. Test it!!!! :-)
A very cool GRAPHIC EFFECT: A laser draw a picture pixel for pixel.
A very easy CD Player for beginners.
A VERY easy demonstration of the TEXTBOX CONTROL
A very efficient way to return a file name from a full path.
A Very Fast and Very Easy way to get your Cursor Position !! Good for making banner clicking progra