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Unknown Difficulty VB Code Page 2 of 114

A Album ScreenSaver by Anil Choudary N
A basic chat script its really easy to use and if you have any problems on making your own chat the
A Basic Maths Function, works out sums + - / * and uses brackets.
A basic number gussing game // It does not include a inputbox like most programs of number guess //
A Better SpellChecker
A better way to use exception handling to view what errors are possible in Visual Basic, each error
A button game.Can be used as an excellent prank.
A calculator code snippet, which has so many scientific functions. (Like Sin, Sec, ArcSin, Tan, Csc
A Card trick thingy
a clean Text Encryption/Decryption module
A Clear Screen function to clear all your textboxes and comboboxes and checkboxes. Generic code t
A clearer description of an earlier post on creating a data set that you insert into Excel to make
A code snippet which converts the first characters of the first name, middle name and last name int
A code that enables saving in long file names format in Visual Basic 3.0. See more info in the code
A code that mimics docking windows like vb
A collection of string manipulation functions
A colorful diamond
A combination of functions to solve math equations.
A Complete Expression Analyzer to evaluate all types of expressions and plot their function graphic
A Complete screen saver + Scrolling Fading credits
a comprehensive way to validate if a user imput a valid time format. '1. identify structure '2. tra
A Cool Lottery Game
A cool program that launches files, goes to websites, and sends e-mails with one click!
a Cool Screen Greetz!!
A cool toolbar to launch files, websites, and send e-mails. It docks to the top and bottom of the s
A cool way to unload a form /end a program
A Cross Hair move with your mouse
A Custom Animated TrayIcon
A Dancing Flame tester Short Code but Cool
A Drawer : All about the paint program codes
A DX7 MultiPlayer Tic Tac Toe
A easy way to get data from MSAccess parameter query into ADO Recordset
A Few Function's For You To Play With And Enhance.
A Flashing Form
A form comes in a resizable manner like animation
A full-fledged user-friendly and interactive calender program.
A fun joke to play. You enter a number then the form prints out that many times. Unless it is less
A function that encrypts/decrypts.
A Function that removes all of a chr from a string
A function that returns the difference between two dates in hours minutes and seconds
'a function that works the same way as the Instr Function does.
A function to easily Center any object on a form, bothe vertically and horizontally.
a function to fill your forms with pictures (like a HTML background image) Put this code in a modul
a function to return the largest number of ten numbers read.
A function to sort a listview by a column of any type (date, time, number, text); it alternates sor
A function which Returns a zero-based, one-dimensionalarray containing a specified number of substr
A funny little thing to do. Many cool colours
A funny way to make your control escape from the mouse pointer
A good database record finder. Search each record letter by letter and show result in msflexgrid, g
A good function that returns a random number within a range. Will not give the same number back-to-
A graphical clock.
A great pong game, fully working this time
A great pong game, fully working this time, Zip
A hand held serial scanner can be used to scan into field.