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¡An OleDbParameter with ParameterName '@ID' is not contained by this OleDbParameterCollection.¡ New
1-vb connect to ORACLE db 2-the name of the DSN is IWHS u can creat your own one! New
3 Easy Combo Tasks
A 0 0 Volunteers
A 0 Cool Address Book
A 0 E Minder A Reminder Alerter
A 0 E Minder A Reminder Alerter Updated with Full HTML help
A 0 PhoneBook
A 0 Phonebook (non-source safe)
A 00 PhoneBook Fixed The Runtime Bug
A basic ADO Open and Requery routine
A Better Way to Test For Tables (great for begginners well commented)
A CD-Key Database
A Class for accessing dBase or FoxPro dbf file without ADO
a code to specifiy .MDB from your app not from properties
A Complete ADO Code Database Programming (Updated)
A Complete Database Program TNC Edition
A Complete OLE DB Provider Guide
A Complete Secure Login Program With User Management And Some Database Utilities
A Connectionless Recordset
A Crash Course in SQL
a Crystal Report TTX example
A D O Access 2000 VB Code Generator
A D O Access 2000 VB Code Generator 1.1.0
A database programme with exceptional features. (You will learn a lot from this. It’s a promise.)
A Distinct Search
A DTS Style ASCII Text Import Wizard
A easy way to get data from MSAccess parameter query into ADO Recordset New
A Fast Fill FlexGrid by Recordset ADO
A Fast parent child method sample class
A Garage DB and Inventory system
A good database record finder. Search each record letter by letter and show result in msflexgrid, g New
A Little Table Magic
A Master/Detail form with combobox in Grid (lynxgrid)
A module to connect to a MySQL Database using MyODBC 3.51 New
A must have for all DB Programmers (Using DAO)
A PIN Generator with Access Database
A Professional Guidance to Database Programming in VB6 - A Demo Application New
A Recruiter organizer
A Reward Plus System
A Simple Access Db example
A Simple Access Db Example (Updated)
A simple Add, Edit, Delete, Search in Database (MS Access)
A simple but powerfull tool to access various details about users in Oracle 8.0 New
A Simple Code To Convert Your Data From ListView Control To Microsoft Excel File.... New
A simple DAO application
A Simple Database Example
a simple DataBase Search project for Newbies
A simple farm management system
A simple Love Calculator
A Simple MSHFlexgrid Example
A Software Inventory Database App
A Source Code Library
A speedy way to find how many rows are in a large table. New