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A Complete Plug-in Framework (Update: 4 (11/3/01))
A simple Clear All Controls on FormJust 4 Lines
A Simple Dll Use Example
A System Tray Icon
A Way To Use Configuration INI Data
Adding files in a folder to a Zip archive
Adding Machine – Calculator
Advanced Token Functions
Animated Label Activex Control 1.0 Style C
Anouther Formless Timer
Api Functions From most common DLLs
API Password Box
Application LogTool DLL (updated to v1.2)
Barcode Generator Code 39 and Code 128 with GIF Export and Documentation
Batch Program Controller
Call Api by Name
Call Delphi DLL in VB
Can't do without Utilities
Code Helper 2001
Command-Line Arguments Processor (1.8)
Complete Taskbar Class
Control Character LCD-Modules (ie. HD44780) connected to the Parallel Port fully commented(german)
CRC16/CRC32 Checksum (Blazing Fast CRC32)
Creating a ActiveX DLL in VB
Detect changes to system date and time
Exception, Error and Warning handler
Execute a file with any extension .doc,.xls,.bmp as long the application is install in windows
eXMLs a pure VB XML parser
Extended Message Box
Fast Fourier Transformation and Inverse Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT & IFFT) Class
Generic Client and Server (Winsock API only, dll wrapper, suporting multiple instances, subclassing)
Generic object oriented client server library
Get a list of every API call in ANY DLL File
Get Internet Connection State by Using Wininet
Global Keyboard Hook Dll
HDSN Hard Disk Serial Number Get physical info from IDE Hard Disk
HTML Data Box
IE Integration DLL
IP2Country Return country name and flag from an IP address
Lan webcam 2
Layout Manager (VB.Net Style)
LDAP AUthentication
ListView Column Sorting / Sorter
logging events extended functionality
MouseLeave Event
MS Agent Class wrapper and test app
MSN 1.0 Type Library
Multi threader demo