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.INI read/write routines
[Windows XP Styles; In Visual Basic!] New
Move a File on the hard disk to another location with 1 line of code! New
16 and 32 bit functions to create
A (slightly gratuitous) routine that will allow the user to split a supplied directory path into it New
A Basic Set of File handling controls (updated)
A Beginner method to check whether a file exists
A code that enables saving in long file names format in Visual Basic 3.0. See more info in the code New
A Cool Directory Map
A Counter-Strike Log Parser
A Delete All files in a Directory and then Delete the DIrectory A
A Dll Project That Reads XML Into a Treeview
A 'Dummy' File Generator
A File Copier And Mover
A File Date/Time Changer Major Update
A File Splitter
A File Splitter Updated
A File system object example FSO
A FileExists Function
A Find File Procedure No Looping
A GOOD WAY TO: Save&Load a Rich Text Box contents
A great utility, I call it quick tray quicktray 1.0.14
A huge tip: Visual Basic Scripting Host
a INI file manipulation project. VERY easy to use
A Mind Of Its Own (A SendKeys Tutorial)
a MouseRecorder Record Mouse Movement and Clicks and Save it to File
A MSN / Windows Live Messenger Webcam Capture Utility
A new Update, quick tray) quickTray 1.0.34
A Pak File Creator
A Professional Hex Editor
A Program Memory Hex Editor
A simple 1 line of code how to copy file New
A simple and good text viewer New
a simple code to retrive the files of a directory by just supplying its directory name and it also New
A simple demonstration of saving/loading files with get and put commands. This program let you New
A simple file finder
A simple filereader & writer
A Simple notepad with options such as character limitation, new, open and save
A simple way to create a directory New
A Single Line Code to Rename a File or Folder New
a StringExtractor Extracts Strings from binary Files
A substitute 'FileCopy'
A TRUE Windows Prompt Like Dos (no controls)
A User Account File System. Fast Find, Fast Add
A VB6 to VB5 Converter
A way to input / write from/to .txt files
A+ Secure Delete Program
AA File description tool AA
Accepts a string for a folder path and checks to see if it already exists, if not it creates it usi New
access 97 password recovery
Access 97 Password's viewer
Access Database Password Recovery (ADPR)
Accessing the built-in properties like page numbers, lines, paragraphs, words, and characters in a New