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Windows API Call/Explanation Page 21 of 21

wDialup SRC
Weak References to Avoid Memory Leaks New
Webcam Capture Example (Too Easy)
Win in Win in Win
Win32 Api God
Win32 Type Library
WinCtrl 1.0 Don't spend ages with Windows API calls Replace long winded code with one command
Window Functions
Window Manipulation
Window Selector (Like SPY++)
Windows 10: (Updated) System Information New
Windows 10: API Sample to scroll listbox up or down New
Windows 2000 Layered Windows, aka Translucent Windows or Alpha Blended Windows (fully movable etc)
Windows API and DLLs-Part-I
Windows API functionality
Windows IN Windows (like VB)
Windows Key Stuff (Updated) and easy API lesson
Windows Login
Windows Messages demonstrator
Windows Priority (Make Windows give your program more time.)
Windows Shell Extension Bitmap Context Menu Demo
Windows XP/2000 Popup Balloons (now commented)
Winsock API Explained
Winsock Programming
With the help of this code you could not click the other object. New
''With This API ShellExecuteForExplore you can Open Files accross the Network '''paste Following co New
With this code you can enumerate all processes on your machine. New
With this module and few lines of code in your form you can add a new button in a titlebar. (for ex New
Write a section of data to an INI file using WritePrivateProfileSection API New
Write a string data to an INI file using WritePrivateProfileString API New
Write To The NT/2K Event Logs Like the Pros Do
Write to the Quake 3 Console using API
Writing a string data into WIN.INI using WriteProfileString API New
writing on the desktop New
Xinon API Spy + Code Generator (v 1.1a)
XpThemes Type Library
xray for windows see hwnd
Yahoo Antiboot
Yahoo Messenger 6.0 Api Module
Yet Another CenterForm Routine New
you can changed the mouse button configuration New
you can show and hide the mouse pointer New