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Windows API Call/Explanation Page 2 of 21

All API form New version
all that is useful, everything you need
All Virtual Key Constants
All Win32API By DmX
All Windows functions
All Windows Messages in 1 Module (Updated)
Allow users to resize your controls
Allows you to paint the system stock icons (as used by messageboxes, windows etc.) onto your form New
Allways wanted to make your program hidden in that annoying Ctrl+Alt+Del window? well now it is eas New
Always Behind other windows example
An API Timer New
An App.Previnstance example to call the running app to the front.
An Easiest Way To get ComputerName and UserName
An example for MulDiv API New
Animate Your Form's Cursor Upgrade
Animate your program cursor
Animate your start button text using the sendmessage api.
Animated Tasktray Icon
Animated Window
Another Get-Set Key state program New
Another Prev Instance Activator
Another Reboot New
Api Any Calls/Declarations
API Application Programmer's Interface
API call for Playing a sound
Api Code Generator
API Collection
API Communication between two applications New
API Console
API Created Progress Bar
API data types
API Demo V2
API File Read Write
api for beginners
API Form
API Hash Demo New
API Listbox as Inputbox Replacement
API ListView Autosize Width of Column Headers (based on widest row)
API Menu Example v2
API Pause
API Programming Series Article #3 Bring a Window to Top
API Remove Dupes from ListBox
API Sample to Select a File then Select Directory then use the Shell to Copy the file New
API Sample to Terminate Application New
API Sample to Terminate Process New
API Scan Disk
API SHFileOperation Delete Directory New
API Simulate multithreading with WaitForMultipleObjects (eg. How ICQ monitors connection state)
API Spy + code writer (NF)
API Spy Example
API Spyer
API Text Wrapper
API The Ultimate WinSock OCX replication to WinSock API commands