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Data Structures Page 2 of 2

Excel File format (BIFF) Reader
File Copier with Binary
Finnaly Connect to a SOCKS 4 server via VB.Commented
FYI: SafeArrays Understanding Them
FYI: Self-Balancing Binary Tree
FYI: Serialize MultiDimensional Arrays
Gamasort, an improved Radix Sort Exchange Algorithm
Get user language using GetUserDefaultLangID
GPS - local time Summer/Winter(Ro) New
HIve Alternate for Collection and Dictionary
icon in menus
Improvised column in Listviee 5.0 New
Jet Data Base Strucutre Update program
Let's Play with The Registery
Library of Array Routines
Linked List
LISTVIEW copy data from one list view to another.
Manipulating Data using Collection and Classes
Minimum Spanning Tree using Prim and Kruskal Algorithms (BUG FIXED)
Mouse Finder
My Address Book
Nested Arrays Solution
Non-Volatile RAM (using disk files)
Quick N Dirty OOP Inheritance
QuickSort with Multiple Keys
RDY2USE: clsJPEGasm VB class to READ/MODIFY/WRITE a JPEG structure
Reduce Frx and Exe file size
Retuning multiple parameters from functions
Safe Array Properties
Search Listview w/Next New
Sliding Panel
Sort without sorting (one million elements in 3() seconds) Update
split function with a textbox
SQL Buddy 2.0
Stack Class
Structures Implementation of a stack,queue and Heap
Two-dimension Array Class
UDT Calculator
Undo/Redo Class
Unpack, Unrar .rar files (Easy example)
USE XML for INI Files New
Variable Pointers 32-Bit in VB Really easy
View DXF FIles
XML Engine (classes and demo)