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Enhanced Collection

by Nick Hall (1 Submission)
Category: Data Structures
Compatability: Visual Basic 3.0
Difficulty: Advanced
Date Added: Wed 3rd February 2021
Rating: (11 Votes)

This code provides an enhanced version of the Collection class provided by VB.
Features include:
- Search/Sort capabilities, including support for a callback interface in your classes which allows customisation of this feature;
- Update an item in-place, as well as move it within the collection with a single method call;
- Fully persistable. You can save the contents of the collection to a PropertyBag or direct to disk;
- Implements the existing Collection interface so it can be used interchangeably with the standard VB Collection;
- Provides a second collection based on Strings instead of Variants;
- And loads more!
UPDATE 23 Oct 2000 - Fixed minor bug in Add method (occured when using a Before or After Index that didn't exist)

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