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Windows API Call/Explanation Page 7 of 21

Desktop Icon Animation (updated)
Detect Idle Mouse (GetCursorPos)
Detects and closes Numega Smart Check debugger (all versions), W32Dasm Deassembler & Hex Workshop
Detects and closes W32Dasm Deassembler
Determine IDE/Debugging Status
Determine the Win32 Operating System Version via API (Updated)
Determine when your visual basic application gains or loses focus. New
Determining a Network Controller MAC Address Using Visual Basic
Dial up Password recovery
Did you ever wanted to create your own dll with api function export - now its possible for free. ht New
Disable all or parts of the Taskbar
Disable Low Level Keys
Disable 'X' on Forms (Including MDI Child Forms)
Disk Information Class
Display a message box using MessageBox API New
Display change icon dialog using SHChangeIconDialog API New
Display Format drive dialog using SHFormatDrive API New
Display Message Box using MessageBoxIndirect API New
Display pick icon dialog using PickIconDlg API New
Display Shutdown dialog screen using ExitWindowsDialog API New
Display shutdown dialog screen using SHShutDownDialog API New
Display shutdown or restart dialog using SHRestartSystemMB API New
Display System time as 'Wednesday, 2nd April, 2003' or in any order just swap postion of WeekdayNam New
Display the name of the user currently logged on. New
Display the Printer properites dialog box
Display the restart or shutdown dialog using RestartDialog API New
Display the run dialog using SHRunDialog API New
Display the windows About Box using ShellAbout API New
dll viewer
DoEvents Evolution Revisited (Updated)
DoEvents evolution; the API approach. (Method for 100% optimized loops)
DOS Console Application
Drag form without titlebar
Draw a chord using Chord API New
Draw a line from a point to specified point using LineTo API New
Draw a pie using Pie API New
Draw an Arc using Arc API New
Draw Any Icon on form New
Draw FORMATTED Text to any window with a hDc
DrawEdge Example
DrawFrame Secrets
drawing XP style frame on picturebox
Driver enumeration example (A: REMOVEABLE C:FIXED D:CDROM ...) New
drop Down Combo box as it get focus New
DropDown a DTPicker control
DUN (Dial-Up Networking) Statistics
DUNDial up networking
Dynamically Shaped (round) Controls and Forms
Easily Getting Your Icon In The Systray
Easy Alpha Blend One line of code