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OLE/COM/DCOM/Active-X Page 6 of 9

MDIActiveX MDIChild in ActiveX-DLL
Menu Replacement
MetalButton OCX Custom Button Control
MKII Counter Active X Control New
MKII Encrypt Active X Control New
MKII Execute App Active X Control New
MKII INI Active X Control New
MKII Progress Bar Active X Control New
MKII Registry Active X Control New
MKII Stay On Top Active X Control New
MKII System Tray Active X Control New
MKII Windows Active X Control New
MM CheckBox
Month View / Calendar Control
More Listview than ever
MP3 Player ActiveX (xAudio) Control no more Windows Media player
Ms Agent Unleashed
MS Project Function Lib
MSChart Control Printing and Saving
MSWNSCK Licencer
MTS Admin
Multi Column Dropdown
MultiLine TreeView User Control[Updated
Multiple Plugins (updated)
My DLL(update)+Create your own style MsgBox
Nice Label Update
No Winsock Or Inet Downloader
Nokia 6210 SDK Wrapper Classes
NTService 1.1
OCX control that enables a user to hide/show the taskbar and at the same time open/close the CD tra New
OCX interface tips
ocx odometer
Office2003 (resubmitted)
OleWord Activex ZIP File
One line command to Unregister OCX (Please go through few lines submitted by me, which helps user t New
oscSock 1.1 (connect to aim with oscar)
Performs SQL query New
PicScroll Picture viewer with ScrollBars
Picture Downloader
Picture Printer ActiveX Control
Plugin Example Thingy
Plugin Framework
Plugin, Plug-in
POP3 Class using Pure API
Populates the MSFlexGrid control with data from ADODB recordset. Input Parameter : ADODB recordset. New
Port MSFlexiGrid Data To A Excel File New
Power Printer OCX (Source)
Print a Tree View (PrintTvw.dll)
Print MsFlexGrid New