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OLE/COM/DCOM/Active-X Page 5 of 9

How to capture Tab/Enter/Esc on your custom UserControl
How to declare and use a DLL/API procedure New
How to dynamically invoke DCOM objects
How to find the network with Ms Access code ( Visual basic ) New
How to make a ToolboxBitmap: Create a 16x15 bitmap, 24-bit color. The lower-left hand pixel determi New
How to make an ActiveX control (OCX) Shareware.
How to Use DyCOMHelper to achieve Real inheritance in vb6..etc [UPDATE
how to use thew commondialogbox? New
HTML Reports from database
HTML-Syntax-Highlighter RTF-Textbox (Updated)
Icons4VBUPDATEDDisplay different icons in explorer for VB projects, depending on their type
ICQ SMS Activex Component (Updated 19th October 2002)
ICQSMS Activex Component (Updated)
iGrid Control 2.1
Implementing an event stack
Improved String Checker Spell Check/Word/Char
InputBox Dynamic Control Creation
Inset Frame Control
Interface Visual Basic with the Python Scripting Language
Invoking a Java Class from VB Project and getting some data from an Access file.
IP Text Box
ip to ip voice ocx
IRC ActiveX control
IsButton (by Fred cpp)
ITaskBarList3 (implementing Windows 7 taskbar features)
IWebStudio is a new Active-X component that totally overhauls VB's WebBrowser control! With direct New
jcButton v1.7
jcMDITabs v1.2
KeyLogger 1.1
Lame Active X
Learn how to create and use DLL projects
Learn to Build a small Add-In that adds comments to your procedures with one mouse click. I picked New
LED (20 Wire) v2
LED (20 Wires)
LED Scrolling Marquee
Likely PowerPoint Editor
ListLookup (Autocomplete ComboBox Function)
ListView Column Sort Funciton
LiveUpdate OCX (Updated)
Load/Save TreeView from/to Text File
Lots of useful tips on 'ActiveX Document Exe'. Sorry this is more a walk though than code. Ref=RB00 New
Lotus Notes Mailer Module
Low Level TAPI
Low Level Timer
LVListbox Listbox based in Listview
Magic (Gradient) Label
Magic Button
Make an Active X Control (Step by Step)
Make an ActiveX DLL (Step by Step)
Make an ECHO BOT. New
Make your own Active X Binary Control
MBFolderBrowser 1.0.0