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A Little Table Magic

by Chad M. Kovac
Category: Databases/Data Access/DAO/ADO
Compatability: Visual Basic 3.0
Difficulty: Advanced
Date Added: Wed 3 February 2021
Rating: (3 Votes)

This little bit of code and table will help you manage tables with linked/split databases.
Currently it only handles MDB or Access databases, but it would be a simple task to set it up to handle other types of tables. Basically, with this little code, you can Import a table from another DB, Export and then LINK to data from Current db to another db, or Link to external data in another Db all automatically just by setting the tables in the MOVETABLES table.
I'm also going to add some features that will allow you to "upgrade" an external data table with a new Structure for those of you who make a new front end and also change the structure of the back end but you don't have access to the production version of the back end for whatever reason. Should be up sometime today.

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