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A Patch in VB

by Xylitol (1 Submission)
Category: Coding Standards
Difficulty: Beginner
Date Added: Wed 3rd February 2021
Rating: (2 Votes)

Plop All
Then here it is a patch quickly make in VB
what I want to say by “patch”
is to modify certain bytes has a precise address
on .exe from other .exe

To modify a .EXE by modifying a party of the
desired hexadecimal code the program will seek it.
Exe to be modified,
if it and not in the same repertory
Common dialog will propose to you of sought manually
before patching it checks for the moment 2 parameter:
- the size of the file
- the name of the file
The patch is satisfied with patch stup*dly
as soon as the two parameters are ok
Pas recognition of CRC nor nothing for the moment but that comes

With and it makes a copy right at the time or it prepares patching
and the extension modifies. Exe in .bak as that if something this master key badly one will have the original file

Also compiled not compil to p-code
bus there is uFMOD to play of the XM
and it will not like that
for Ufmod you will have surely difficulty compiled
by what it is necessary changed LINK.exe then if
it is the case to download package: https://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=158498
files XM I do not want to make you a large pie
it is already rather long has to read as that then
I invite you went to look on wikipedia here - >
https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Module_(musique) #

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