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Code samples by ULLI

A Hungry Cat
A li'l joke
A li'l Unicode
A Noisy Class
A quicker Quicksort (up to 100 times faster)
A Standard Message Box with TimeOut
A Very Flat Std Command Button
Access Database Utility
Am I running in the IDE?
Animated About Box (Update #1 now has curtains)
Automated Accelerator Key Assignment
Baggy Files
Batch Program Controller
Binary Adder Demo
Collection Item Keys
Complicators and Simplifiers (New Paragraph about the API)
Compute Pi...
Connect Four (aka The Captain's Mistress)
Convert two dWords to a qWord
Custom ToolTip Class (update)
DAO Database Browser OCX Control
Elastic text
Enumeration Spelling
European Petrol Pump
Extended Message Box
Extended Timer
Fast Fourier Transformation and Inverse Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT & IFFT) Class
File Dates (Update)
Font Rotation
Form Fader OCX control (updated)
Game of Checkers with AI
Game Of Life
Generic Algorithm Tutorial
GPF Interceptor
Greg's 3D Pool Billard (Version 2.6.50)
Hibernation Prevention
Idle Win Shutdown
Indefinite Accuracy Arithmetic Class
Internet Radio Recorder Update #2
Irregular shaped forms
KnightRider ActiveX Custom Control
LED clock (a little shorter than god's)
Lights Out (Update #1)
Memory Mapped File Wrapper Class
Mileage Counter and Speedometer OCX Control
Mouse Hotspot Magnifier
Nested Arrays Solution
New Shores
Pocket Calculator using a State Transition Table
Radix Sort (JunusSort revised)
Range Tool
Register DLLs and OCXs with a mouse click
Rotate text
Safe Array Properties
Secure Key Exchange
Sizing Grabber
Slider Construction Kit
Sort without sorting (one million elements in 3() seconds) Update
Sort your eastereggs by color
Spectrum Analyzer (Major Update # 2)
Statitistical Chance Evaluation of Monty Hall's TV show Lets make a Deal.
Steganosaurus Maximus
Talking Custom Tooltips
Terrain Triangulation
Text To Speech
The Sixth Sense?
Tray Progress Bar (Update)
Treasure Chest (DirectX)
TriState InputBox
Ulli's Chess Playing Program
Ulli's Code Formatter V2.24.17
Ulli's Code Profiler Add-In (Bug Fix)
Ulli's Math Module
Ulli's Profiler AddIn V 2.4.4
Ulli's Record and Playback ActiveX Control
Ulli's Source Code Comparator (updated)
Ulli's Sudoku Solver (4x faster again)
Ulli's VB Companion V 4.4.17 (bug fix)
Ulli's VB Cross Reference AddIn
Ulli's VB Project Explorer and Documenter (Updated)
Unbreakable Encryption (?)
VB IDE Full Screen (Update #2)
VB Recent Projects List (Update II)
Wheel Mouse OCX Control
WinCD Key (Windows Digital Product Id)
Yet another clock...
Your Computer Components
Yours Truly Rnd (updated)

93 Submissions by ULLI