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Awsome clock display
Backyard Burn Barrel 2 (UpDated) New
Ball bouncer
Balls Try it out.
Bar Screen Saver
Barcode Code128 Generator without using fonts
Barcode Generator EAN8 & 13 UK Barcodes
Base Conversion Pro
Basic Sprite Demo
Basic VB Graphics And Tricks
Basic VB Graphics Programming working with pixels
BendTwister Saver
Best AND easiest way to display an Animated GIF in ONE LINE OF CODE
BETTER function to convert long to RGB values :) New
Better way to make a gradent. no api's and LOOKS SOLID that's right no lines of color this gradent New
Bezier ART v.0
Bezier Curve (Infinite number of points)
Bezier Curves With Animation
Bezier Curves...Screen Saver
BF Icon Extractor
Bilateral Filter Cartoonizer (08Gen2011)
Binary Adder Demo
Binary Fractal Tree New
Bit Mapper
BitBlt animation New
Bitblt Load Striaght to Mem [Animation
Bitblt Particle engine test
BitBlt with Transparencies, StretchBlt
bitmap effect 1.01
Bitmap Utility Class [2nd Update
BitMovie Animation Creator
Black-FX (a little photoshop)
Blast Em
Blend 2 images (or more) together
Blink the caption in the label control. New
Blinking Menu's in MDIForm or any Form you want. You can use this code for Command Buttons, Labels New
blob labeling N bounding
BMP Packer
BmpToJpeg GDI+ version (Quality & Regions)
Bobo Image Workshop
Borders for Controls
Borders for Controls V1.1
Bounce off the walls
Bouncing Lines ScreenSaver
Bouncing Polygon screensaver
Boxes and Diagonal Crosses New
BoxShot (update #3)
Breakout your 3D Glasses Mix 3D Images
Brightness darkness example
Brilliant Flames v2 with BitBlt
Brings up different sized bubbles and does other misc. things. Works great as a screansaver. New
Broadcast your real time video and audio