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Audio Recorder

by mnn (2 Submissions)
Category: Windows API Call/Explanation
Difficulty: Advanced
Date Added: Wed 3rd February 2021
Rating: (6 Votes)

Recording application. Records from current checked inputs in Windows Mixer (recording). User can choice number of channels, sampling frequency, bits per sample. Implemented peak meter (not crappy mixerGetLineControls and so on, normal peak meter). Can be used as a peak meter (option "Do not write to file"). Very minimal chance, program can crash, but I think I've minimalised that danger. Don't forget to VOTE!!!

API Declarations
waveIn* for recording
mmioStringToFOURCC for WAVE header
memory functions (like CopyMemory, GlobalAlloc and so on)
subclassing functions (SetWindowLong, CallWindowProc)

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