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Application Registration App

by Crazyman (5 Submissions)
Category: Encryption
Compatability: Visual Basic 3.0
Difficulty: Advanced
Date Added: Wed 3rd February 2021
Rating: (3 Votes)

Consists of two parts.
1. a server in which you add clients names when they pay you the registration cash.
2.A dll which you use in your apps to register & de-register the user on-line, also checks if the user is registred already.
This is version 1.0, i am going to continue this with greater encryption routines and lots more advanced features.

You have ADO 2.1 Register the formshaper.ocx
Side Effects
User must be online to register. In order for a user to free up a licence he/she must unregister on one machine before he/she can use the key on another machine.

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